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Comparing scenarios

Important AI function

Chat bot launched writes your Word documents for you!

Syntactic Learning

Still using no neural networks.

The 3 principles of "Natural Language Assembly"

A lower-level language that helps bridge the gap between natural language and computers.

LINECOMP—a compressor that sometimes beats 7-zip

OK, not all of the time. But it excels if you want to store many similar text files, e.g. historic versions of a source code.

Download. Info & discussion.

Tomii Boi: Best Q&A Bot for Discord

Click here for more info

NLP-based shopping list

Cruddie, your personal chat bot

This will be a good one. Have the bot store information for you just by talking to it. Hope to add new functions daily now.

Speedrun continues, Pt. X

Fluid text files

A cool human- and computer-friendly text file format I have wanted for a long time. Now it's here!

Speedrun continues

Gathering AI scripts from the database by matching keywords.

Results & an answer to my skeptics at 58:40

Combining image recognition & the logic engine, Pt. 1

Building an image recognition for Anki Vector, Pt. 1-3

Solving the Winograd Challenge, Pt. 5

Look, a program is forming.

Explanations & heated discussion.


Anki Vector! Plus: Solving the Winograd Challenge Pt. 4

Fame, here we come...

Bob paid for Charlie's college education. He is very [generous/grateful]. Who is [generous/grateful]?

Solving the Winograd Challenge (Pt. 1 to 3)

Understanding everyday scenarios.

AI goes mobile. And speedrun continues

Check it ouuut!

Training a Voice Activity Detector

For always-on devices without Big Tech snooping. More soon.

Speedrun to AI continues

Results growing by the day

Auto-jump-cut your videos with this free tool

Thanks to Tom for making this video! Download links in the video description.

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