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Speedrun continues

Gathering AI scripts from the database by matching keywords.

Results & an answer to my skeptics at 58:40

Combining image recognition & the logic engine, Pt. 1

Building an image recognition for Anki Vector, Pt. 1-3

Solving the Winograd Challenge, Pt. 5

Look, a program is forming.

Explanations & heated discussion.


Anki Vector! Plus: Solving the Winograd Challenge Pt. 4

Fame, here we come...

Bob paid for Charlie's college education. He is very [generous/grateful]. Who is [generous/grateful]?

Solving the Winograd Challenge (Pt. 1 to 3)

Understanding everyday scenarios.

AI goes mobile. And speedrun continues

Check it ouuut!

Training a Voice Activity Detector

For always-on devices without Big Tech snooping. More soon.

Speedrun to AI continues

Results growing by the day

Auto-jump-cut your videos with this free tool

Thanks to Tom for making this video! Download links in the video description.

Stefan Reich about the future of JITs

There is no fundamental reason why JIT [just-in-time compilation] solutions should be slower than precompiled code, if you disregard warm-up time (which may actually happen before the program is shipped). In fact, mathematically, the opposite is true: JITs have the option of optimizing further at runtime which once-compilers like C++ don't have. What we currently have available is another question, but long-term, JITs will basically win the performance race.

(A little sound bite you can quote)

So what is this mystery logic engine? (and other videos)

Our Services

We provide custom chat bots at competitive prices with optional advanced features. Custom bots start as low as $50 including hosting. Order now.

  • Bot is added to your web site by including one line of HTML
  • Bot can greet every customer or pop up on click
  • Bots will answer questions from a list you provide
  • Bots understand typos and synonyms
  • Works on desktop and mobile browsers
  • Conversation with user is stored in cookie (not lost when browser is closed)
  • Bot can also be deployed on any messenger platform (Slack, Discord, Telegram and Viber available, any other platform on request)
  • Bots can serve input forms (e.g. contact form)
  • You get a web interface where you can see all the bot's conversations
  • After the bot is launched, you can edit its questions and answers in the same interface
  • Bots can support multiple languages at once (English/German, other languages on request)
  • Bots can send a mail, SMS, Viber message etc. to you on any event (e.g. after user completes a form)
  • Bots are usually completed in 7 days or less
  • Web site bots are compatible with GoDaddy site builder
  • We host your bot for free for one year, after that for a small fee (5€/year)
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  • Bots can be deployed as Windows programs
  • You have the option to host the bot yourself if you have your own server infrastructure (VPS/dedicated/cloud)

Example public bots:

  • MKLab FM - plays a 24/7 EDM radio stream in Discord voice chat
  • GBot - performs Google searches in Discord
  • The Owl - Discord greet & farewell bot

Order by mail or through Fiverr.

Chat bot released

Managing customer inquiries :)

Fiverr bots now ready within 7 days

Updated the gig as there is a ready-made bot kit.

Girlfriend Bot

182 rules and 104 synonyms. Always there for you.

And yes, before you ask, we can do "boyfriend bots" too :-D

(Not the same as a real one, but what's wrong with some fun and games?)

Let's mix English and Python

theory validity {
  // a human weighs between 80 and 400 pounds
  $x is a human
    & $x weighs ($y pounds)
    => $y >= 80 & $y <= 400
  contradiction => say (That can't be right)

Yes, this works already. Full program and some responses.

So yes, the speedrun definitely continues—just without videos right now.

Creating a very nice "girlfriend" bot with a friend too.

Speedrun to AI

I code until it's done.

Philosophy Bot I

Bot receives facts:

RAM has a size
I have RAM

And asks:

What is the size of my RAM?

To achieve this, we invent and implement a whole new language which mixes English and Python. Complete program: 299 lines.

2:45:07 mega-stream.

A popular comment about JavaX

It is a good idea after all.

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