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I'll accept another investment

1000 € are a good number and will help this project a lot :)

It can either be a gift, an investment or a bot order, depending on your wishes...

Let's just talk about it.

A bot in 40 lines—including a DSL translator

I introduce a new concept to JavaX—coding on the meta-level. Just write meta {} and put your code-making code inside the brackets.

OK the concept is not completely new, but it does work exceptionally well in JavaX.

In fact, we are creating and using a custom language directly within this example. Oh, and there is now a shortened version with only 33 lines.

More live coding

Spends the time, pays the bills.

A bot that controls YouTube


Another functioning JavaX keyword invented in a few minutes.

class Me {
  selfType hello() { print("hello!"); this; }

new Me().hello().hello();

selfType just refers to the enclosing class. Avoid repetition. It really shines in combination with includes.

A bot that learns synonyms

A new concept of a program

Let's say a program is something that describes itself, tests itself and improves itself.

Ridiculously Fast Image Recognition

I have a special reconnaissance operation that can be performed in less than 2 nanoseconds (sic, see benchmark to the right) on any image stored in a special smart format. Combining a few of these operations allows us to find things in that image very quickly.

So in total, I expect a time of maybe, say, a millisecond?—for recognizing a typical image's major features. We still need to invent some smart algorithms for this to happen, but this is the goal.

And what that cornerstone operation is? Welll... stay tuned is all I can say.

Whenever my language bores me

...I extend it. (Have I said that before? Deja vu!)

Let's say I am annoyed by the inability to nest a function inside a function in Java. So I invent the "embedded" keyword.

sS bla() {
  S x = "hello";
  embedded S calc() { ret x + " " + x; }
  ret calc() + " " + calc();

In this useless but instructive example, I embed the function calc in the function bla with access to the local variable x.

How is it translated? Using a function of a mere 21 lines and an anonymous inner class. (Nota bene: It's currently more or less limited to a single embedded function per "mother".)

Example with translation to Java.

A programming language that makes DOOM levels

This is such a wonder. A compiler written in Java compiling a slightly weird, but interesting Logo-inspired special purpose language into actual DOOM levels. Our AI could produce DOOM levels for us from just a simple description.

Oh, ah... link.

This program is a Discord fan

Beta Software!

But a good one.

Constructs that Java needed


c ?. setDoubleBuffered(b);


if (c != null) c.setDoubleBuffered(c);

Zero Training Time Neural Networks

New invention.

Paging The Reflex


Unix just doesn't understand me...


Chess Board Recognition

Coming up.

You can help train desktop image segmentation

Giraffe v3—now stores information

Building a simple translator in

The demo is word-based, but we have a function for efficient phrase-based translation too.

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