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Whenever my language bores me

...I extend it. (Have I said that before? Deja vu!)

Let's say I am annoyed by the inability to nest a function inside a function in Java. So I invent the "embedded" keyword.

sS bla() {
  S x = "hello";
  embedded S calc() { ret x + " " + x; }
  ret calc() + " " + calc();

In this useless but instructive example, I embed the function calc in the function bla with access to the local variable x.

How is it translated? Using a function of a mere 21 lines and an anonymous inner class. (Nota bene: It's currently more or less limited to a single embedded function per "mother".)

Example with translation to Java.

A programming language that makes DOOM levels

This is such a wonder. A compiler written in Java compiling a slightly weird, but interesting Logo-inspired special purpose language into actual DOOM levels. Our AI could produce DOOM levels for us from just a simple description.

Oh, ah... link.

This program is a Discord fan

Beta Software!

But a good one.

Constructs that Java needed


c ?. setDoubleBuffered(b);


if (c != null) c.setDoubleBuffered(c);

Zero Training Time Neural Networks

New invention.

Paging The Reflex


Unix just doesn't understand me...


Chess Board Recognition

Coming up.

You can help train desktop image segmentation

Giraffe v3—now stores information

Building a simple translator in

The demo is word-based, but we have a function for efficient phrase-based translation too.

An array with O(log n) time for all operations

I invented a new data structure (I think). It's an array (variable-size list) where each add, remove, update and random access completes in O(log n) time.

I call it a Log-N array. The implementation uses an order statistic red-black tree. This could be nice for handling long token lists during JavaX transpilation.

Today I wrote a whole bot on stream. Sadly, frame rate dropped to 6 frames a minute at some point. Hopefully fixed next time. Video here. Code made.

Live Coding For Nerds

Stefan Reich builds, the Google-killing AI database & chat bot making platform. New functions built: Inter-slice links, Delete page, Checkboxes.

I did my first live-coding stream

...and now it is lost because I didn't click "Save broadcast". Was fun though, thx to Lemon for participating.

And of course, code got made. Specifically, slices now have owners.

"Be Thankful"

Randall Brown & band (including me).

Why beats Google

Because White-Box.

Let's make programs

...that understand everything.

Revamping now has a query language that looks like this:

word types / is plural of / $x
$y / is a / $x
return $y

This example queries the database for a random word type.

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