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Machine Asks Questions

Artificial philosopher in the making.

Collaboration with AIRIS?

Here's an interesting project for reinforcement learning which, just possibly, may be a good addition to my software infrastructure.

There is a language gap to bridge (Python/JavaX), but that's what we went to university for, didn't we?

The Best Play List

Just thought I'd share this. A literal remix heaven by The Reflex.

JavaX vs Smalltalk [the programming language]

You see, I do know a bit of history. I was part of the Smalltalk movement 'cause yeah, that thing has a tremendous charme. Miles ahead of everything.

In fact, it just dawned on me, JavaX offers a lot of the fabulous Smalltalk experience—an integrated virtual machine where source, runnable code, GUIs and orthogonally persistent data intersect each other.

So where did Smalltalk fail? Mouse over for more info. And no, JavaX does not suffer from the same problem.

Tabs++ (or: avoiding the complexity problem)

Why a Java OS? The "Kilroy" Demo

Because a next generation OS just has more smartness.

Frantic action

I want to finish the big project now: the talking operating system.

I should be a CEO

I'm the right man for the job. I understand technology, people—and I understand the madness that money represents. Also I don't have to do this.

The "Third Wave of AI"

In the generally quite rotten IT industry, there is now talk of a "third wave of AI". And, interestingly, this time they float pretty much the ideas I have been pushing for the last 5 years.

Although of course it's fair to say I still have a lot of tricks in petto they didn't even conceive yet.

So is now the time for change?

Humanity is still cursed

You realize that right? That humanity is nowhere near as free, enlightened and happy as it could be?

The main reason is that they still believe in "competition" instead of collaboration... so almost nobody gets anything done.

Happy Christmas! (?)

More information about JavaX

Finally... :)

Downloads Fixed

So sorry—there was a bug in the download files causing installation to fail for new users. Now fixed!

Teaching Colors, Hands-Free

"Alexa Mode" Works

"Alexa Mode" means the computer always listens. Standard feature of my OS.

New Language

It's a lower-level natural language. Can you read it?

Circle Finder

God I love image recognition.

Source. Ships as part of my operating system.

Nice little reload buttons

Whenever there is new code, one click suffices to get it.

In other news, I am looking for a part-time Java job (maybe). Anyway... something's gotta happen.

Onboarding Demo

Ordering computers from the universe

Can it work?

Computer insults me

New frontier in computer science. 35 code lines.

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