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Onboarding Demo

Ordering computers from the universe

Can it work?

Computer insults me

New frontier in computer science. 35 code lines.

My own VNC clone

Comes for free with my OS. Both sides can be behind firewalls. GIF recorder also included.

Defeating Java Class Loaders

Java is great, but its need for class loaders means it's somewhat hard to add code at runtime.

JavaX comes to the solution! I have implemented an arsenal of tricks that turn Java into something just about as flexible as JavaScript—while retaining the full power and speed of the Java VM.

In fact, in JavaX, we write and ship only source code; all compilation is done on the fly.

We can pretty much do the "holy trinity": maximum speed, complete freedom of assembly and compact code size—all at once.

Also, JavaX has "zero-effort deployment": Every new line of code you write anywhere is available everywhere immediately. (If you want that.)

As proof for JavaX's elegance, here's the 27 lines source code of the module on the right.

Why are my dreams better than reality?

I have the greatest dreams... then I wake up to a rather lame reality. How is that even possible?

Much News!

OS becomes a Cluster OS.

(Meaning, you can treat 3 PCs as one.)

OS Chat Bot v1

Come on! Talk to me!

Eyebrow Detection

I promised—and I delivered :)

(This is an example of how even the smallest facial expressions can be used for making a better user interface.)

Some Live Programming

Bad audio, good content.

AI Testers Wanted!

All you need is a Windows, Linux or Apple PC and some enthusiasm. We make voice assistants that will ease your life and provide a lot of entertainment.

To participate, either download, mail or create issues.

Checking Log Files

This task may seem trivial to you, but actually it is a key to computer intelligence.

To Andrzej

Next meetup on Nov 15

Hamburg. Hoping to prepare a fully intelligent machine until then :D

Making a Voice Activity Detection

Another one day project. OK, maybe two... I'm squeezing some other AI things in.

I'm disappointed with YouTube views

1 view on the latest video? Really?

Making a face recognition

Now things get real.

Sensory Status: +3

Internet, Vision, Sound. (A robot's basic needs.)

Faking The Linux Task Bar

Anything's possible.

JavaX makes the impossible possible

Here: Automatically measuring the RAM consumption of individual modules within one Java VM.

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