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Some Live Programming

Bad audio, good content.

AI Testers Wanted!

All you need is a Windows, Linux or Apple PC and some enthusiasm. We make voice assistants that will ease your life and provide a lot of entertainment.

To participate, either download, mail or create issues.

Checking Log Files

This task may seem trivial to you, but actually it is a key to computer intelligence.

To Andrzej

Next meetup on Nov 15

Hamburg. Hoping to prepare a fully intelligent machine until then :D

Making a Voice Activity Detection

Another one day project. OK, maybe two... I'm squeezing some other AI things in.

I'm disappointed with YouTube views

1 view on the latest video? Really?

Making a face recognition

Now things get real.

Sensory Status: +3

Internet, Vision, Sound. (A robot's basic needs.)

Faking The Linux Task Bar

Anything's possible.

JavaX makes the impossible possible

Here: Automatically measuring the RAM consumption of individual modules within one Java VM.

Speech recognition works

Who says you need Google for everything?

Making my own speech recognition

It may be possible.

We are making a bot net

...of the good kind. In fact, you are part of it right now.

(It works through JavaScript in the browser. We're not using it yet though, you're just on idle.)

Let's sign stuff!

I propose to use asymmetric cryptographic keys for testifying that a certain thing actually happened.

In JavaX, making a public+private key pair is just a single function call:


...which means we can have as many key pairs as we like.

For example, you can use one specific key (or multiple) to sign your personal quotes. The signed data will speak for itself if one knows that the key is yours.

                On October 3rd 2018, I truly said: Oh screw this!

Edgar the 3rd himself

sig: MC0CFQCWUB9j0c+8e8wagTNmMXs/cq7tuAIUEoXOBbRvw343wOdunTY47rKrUDE=
signer: publickey:MIIBtzCCASwGByqGSM44BAEwggEfAoGBAP1/U4E [...] F9Kg=

Applying for Creator Awards

Thanks to Andrzej for video production!

Dogs Are Telepathic

Proof. Maybe bots can be too?

Programming In Facts

German, this time.

Bot Simulator

Version 1.

Voice-to-voice bot

We now have voice recognition & speech output combined into the Telegram bot. Actual sci-fi!

(PS: The bot said "Good evening dudes".)

PPS: The Rubik's cube will have to wait a little... building foundations first.

Teaching the Rubik's cube to the bot

It's a good idea and just about right complexity-wise.

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