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I still contribute to StackOverflow

...even though that place is the living hell for any sane person. I'm not even allowed to ask questions anymore because they hate dissidents.

Bot Initiative

Shurely an important part.

Bot needs more logic!

We're getting there though.

Telegram shaping up


I should collect money for a new notebook

"What, you're doing AI with 4 gigabytes?"

Yes, that's right. And 512 MB actually go to the GPU, so yeah... it's tight.

The Simplifier

Another working AI component. Takes any sentence or phrase, like:

smart combinations of various fast methods

and outputs:

1. combinations
2. combinations of methods
3. smart combinations
4. combinations of fast methods
5. smart combinations of methods
6. combinations of various methods
7. smart combinations of fast methods
8. combinations of various fast methods
9. smart combinations of various methods
10. smart combinations of various fast methods

Neat, right? And very useful.

Setting Up Telegram

There'll be a channel and a bot.

The implications of this project

I'm not sure if you have thought this through yet. This is a project that makes computers think.

A few more steps

...and you'll have the dialog engine you're all waiting for.

English+German Parsers Work


"Confessions of a Burglar Video"

(It's the name of a video on YouTube.) So... is the video confessing—or the burglar? Let's ask the parser.

1. Confessions {of {a {Burglar Video}}}
2. {Confessions {of {a Burglar}}} Video

Yup, it has found the 2 grammatical possibilities. Next up: Semantic analysis to rate these against each other.

500 installations coming up

We're reaching a nice number of JavaX-enabled computers. And no, they're not all mine.

Perfect Parser Coming Up

English—no problem.

The Magic OS

In my OS, every computer can control any other one—if the "victim" deliberately chooses this (it's a separate module you have to load explicitly, so don't worry).

The communication process behind this is protected using automatic cryptographic signatures.

Teaching Puns To The AI...

52 days to world domination.

News from Zuckerberg

56 days

until Stefan's OS takes the world.

Dead Lock-Immune Operating System


We're doing it again

Stefan's OS has a greater impact than Windows 95. You just wait and see!

Computer checks its own voice

Stefan's OS v5

See who else is online, world wide (if you load the module).

Also notice the "AI bar" at the top which is a novel invention.

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