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Perfect Parser Coming Up

English—no problem.

The Magic OS

In my OS, every computer can control any other one—if the "victim" deliberately chooses this (it's a separate module you have to load explicitly, so don't worry).

The communication process behind this is protected using automatic cryptographic signatures.

Teaching Puns To The AI...

52 days to world domination.

News from Zuckerberg

56 days

until Stefan's OS takes the world.

Dead Lock-Immune Operating System


We're doing it again

Stefan's OS has a greater impact than Windows 95. You just wait and see!

Computer checks its own voice

Stefan's OS v5

See who else is online, world wide (if you load the module).

Also notice the "AI bar" at the top which is a novel invention.

We are solving the software security crisis

The solution is source code inspection, and JavaX makes it practical.

We will now do the Super-Automation

The operating system is the optimal place to automate everything—it sees everything and it can act upon information. Also loading and even making dynamic code on the fly is trivial in my OS.

If your language isn't perfect—how about changing it?

Let's say vanilla Java is too verbose. (Everybody knows this.) Instead of this:

class ShowBackgroundImage extends DynModule {

I want to type (and see) only this:

class ShowBackgroundImage > DynModule {

In JavaX, that takes exactly one line in the translator:

jreplace(tok, "class <id> > <id> {", "class $2 extends $4 {");

And this easily, my language has been extended.

Proof that this works.



Stefan's OS v4

Numerous small improvements. Finds memory leaks automatically (!). Ability to make "alternative brains" (multiple distinct instances of OS on a machine). Still compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Reading my mails

Not pretty (where are the graphic designers?), but it works.

Source code (39 lines)

First operating system that learns

What is the world?

Advantages of a Java-based OS: Free Profiling

You get so many inspection capabilities for free in my OS.

For example, you can always find out what the CPU is doing, down to every single line of code. And this incurs no performance overhead when not used.

Memory leak eliminated


I told you Java is stable!

Further chasing the memory

It has to be going somewhere. jdk-discuss informed (list is moderated, read: another time waster).

New Look&Feel

Pretty, isn't it. Look&Feel is called JTattoo.

Image was made with the automatic screenshot module on a very old Windows 7 machine where my OS runs flawlessly.

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