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We can now build bots for Gitter

Integrating with the world. A friend's room with some bots.

My JavaX Gitter implementation which is about a million times shorter than anyone else's—only one screen of code.

When bots work together

Hello Monkey & Gazelle.

My Fiverr Intro

Yeah it's unscripted. Geniuses work like that.

Android assistant is coming back with multi-user support. Download here.

No it's not in the play store. Blame Google.

Proof that StackOverflow is broken

Original post. Oh my! It is on the wrong subsite. What do they do? Do they move it? No—they lock it. Classic StackOverflow admin malfunction.

So we move it ourselves. What will happen next?

The 3 mental spaces

Human, computer, objective.

I want to build a team now

No more working alone!

Our brains have 2 parts

...and they're (probably) not the ones you think.

Phrase Corrector

Approaching AI, chapter 915423

One User Second

...should be enough time for a bot to respond.

The two fundamental ways to make a chat bot

Recognizing things on a screen

More edutainment for your pleasure!

First easter without a death wish

Now if that isn't a change. Videos about AI coming.

Whenever my language bores me

...I shorten it. Let's say I want to make a big input field with full persistence and switchable font size (like you see on the right). Then I write this:

cmodule BigInput {
  S text; // auto-persisted string field
  switchable int fontSize = 40;
  visual setFontSize(fontSize, dm_textArea('text));

(I just created the 2 new JavaX syntax constructs 'switchable' and 'visual' in like 10 minutes. Hover over the source code for more info.) —Automatic popup menu.

New stuff to test

If this runs, you're read-d-dy for making a bot. (Actual software coming up.)

From dialog to chat bot 101

(In a few steps, that is.)

What time is it?
It's 5:30
Why did you say that?
Because you asked me what time it is.

Bots now available 'standalone'

One huge jar file. Includes a GUI and a database. And learns from the cloud while running.


...will explain itself (as a general principle).

First professional bot being built

Not sure if I'm allowed to tell you more yet... :-)

My OS is really happy with 8 GB of RAM

...and any Windows installation. Enough space for AI experiments—and enough space for memory-hungry Firefox. Try it out yourself!

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